We encourage you to let your GP know as we believe an integrated approach to your health and wellbeing is the best one. After your initial consultation, and with your consent, we usually write to your GP. Some insurance companies will require a letter from your GP too.
Most insurance companies will cover the cost of treatment or a certain number of treatments. It is worth checking. Please contact your insurer to find out.
This will be discussed with you at your initial consultation. Some conditions require only a few treatments while others will need more. We will also review the treatment plan with you regularly.
This varies according to the treatment you are having – the first appointment is always an hour.
Usually you will feel very relaxed and calm both during and after the treatments we offer.
Usually our clients are fine to be able to return to normal daily activites. Please take care when driving or operating machinery.

Please contact us to discuss fees.

We ask you to pay by cheque, cash or we offer online banking options. We ask you to pay us directly and if needed will give you receipts to send to your insurer for reimbursment. We are not able to deal directly with your insurer.
We ask you to give us 24 hours notice if you can so that we have time to offer the appointment to someone else otherwise we do ask for the full fee.
We are fully qualifed, insured and believe strongly in CPD and we are always learning. Please see the links to our Professional bodies.

We have a map on our contact page. We are situated between Bridles Estate Agent and Dunnells Wine Shop opposite the Snow Hill Bus Stop. Closest parking is Snow Hill Green Street or there are some one hour spaces just a little further down on Hill Street.

Please do ask us anything you need to via our contact page.