“I’ve been seeing Polly for more than ten years, originally for allergies, and then rheumatoid arthritis. Within weeks of starting acupuncture, my allergies were under control and I no longer needed medication. Acupuncture has also eased some of my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

I still see Polly on a regular basis and while acupuncture doesn’t cure my conditions, it helps alleviate the symptoms immensely. Polly’s approach is professional, warm and understanding. I wouldn’t consider seeing anyone else.”
Acupuncture patient
I started having acupuncture with Polly in 2007 when my husband and I were told, that in order to conceive, we would need to have IVF. This was a very daunting time as neither of us knew what to expect. But Polly had such knowledge and experience of fertility issues that, in addition to setting up a programme of treatment based around our IVF cycle, she was able to give us an idea of what to expect. Our journey turned out to be a long one with much heartache and loss. There were times when we questioned whether or not we would ever become parents.

Throughout everything, Polly was my rock. She has been incredibly supportive, encouraging, empathetic and ultimately professional. She has provided links to other professionals who have also been amazing. Polly is a very special therapist. I don’t think I could have come through this journey without her kindness and constant support. I always felt that the needles treated my body and Polly treated my mind. She always took time to listen and I often felt that the time I spent talking to Polly was as beneficial as the needles. We have been rewarded with the gift of our amazing son, Leo who makes this whole experience worthwhile. We cannot thank Polly enough for all that she has done for us.
Acupuncture patient
I had been waiting several months for a hospital appointment for suspected arthritis in my hand and wrist, but it became so painful, I found it difficult to do simple, everyday tasks, such as writing and driving. I couldn’t even hold my daughter’s hand. I’m under 40, so I began to think there must be something that would help, other than the suggested steroid medication with its significant and unpleasant side effects.

I made some enquiries about acupuncture, and several people recommended Polly. I have been overwhelmed by the difference Polly’s treatment has made. She took a holistic approach; searching for possible causes of stress or anxiety which might have aggravated the pain. I now have full use of my hand again and it no longer hurts. I am truly grateful and I believe that acupuncture works really well alongside conventional medical investigation.
Acupuncture patient